Inclusive culture-making…for Clore leadership

Yes, I know you have seen me striding confidently across the landscapes of the Sussex Coast, and yes when out in the open air everything falls away.. But like so many creatives & leaders, I’ve had many struggles in bringing my larger projects into the world, especially through covid and these societal and ecological crises we are in…Over the last few years I’ve had to overcome additional barriers – poor health, carer burnout & increasing challenges arising through my own neurospicyness. This part, mainly presenting as ADHD, has also been the source of my visioning, change-making and drive in generating the multi-dimensional projects and fostering my cultural activism, for years.

I’ve learnt a lot along the way, some of it painfully, some of it joyfully! and am proud to have also supported many other creatives to bring their incredible work and voices to this and previous projects, though always feeling there is so much more to be done to disrupt & lift the systemic barriers that keep our voices and visions for change from making the powerful impact I know they can.

I’ve been fortunate to have recently received support & the opportunity to pause, and I’ve become more aware of what’s now needed for me to continue my creative path, but also take care of myself better along the way.

One of the invites I’ve had is to join the brilliant Clore Leadership as a facilitator/coach on their ground-breaking Inclusive Cultures programme ‘a six-month disabled-led professional development programme designed for cultural leaders seeking to take steps towards systemic change in the area of inclusive culture making and disability justice. The programme draws on Inclusive Leadership theories and practice, and the lived experiences of D/deaf, disabled and neurodivergent people/communities, and uses coaching techniques to inform both thinking and action.’

It is leading edge work and I am thrilled to be able to both serve and learn… the deadline for the next programme is 9am April 29th, details here please do spread the word!