We Hear You Now : ‘moving, relevant and vital’ Watch our new film now.

Really proud of this second legacy film for the We See You Now/We Hear You Now decolonial landscape and literature projects that I led as part of my Seven Sisters residency, now online and produced with/by filmmaker Bip Mistry of Transition film, including interviews with many of the writers involved as well as Anooshka Rawden, Cultural Heritage Lead, South Downs National Park Authority who I was fortunate to work with very closely throughout….in her own powerful words on the impact of the projects she says;   

‘On a personal note, the project brought with it creative content that is moving, relevant and vital. At a time when the discourse around heritage and landscape is so divisive in the language used, narrative positions politicised and terminology weaponised, We Hear You Now used speculative fiction to imagine new positive futures, while acknowledging past traumas, such as invisibility, violence, and stories untold, perspectives unseen. The thread throughout all the work has been the fragility and strength of the land itself, as a space to heal, a space to be, and a place we can eternally discovery and rediscover. We Hear You Now has taken a unifying lens to countryside, to see how we can collectively champion and advocate for this vital resource. The intersectionality of the project, how it sought to include and nurture all, was a significant strength, largely down to Alinah Azadeh’s own commitment to creating space, kindness and consideration within We Hear You Now. ‘

You will see clips from this film promoted soon over the warmer seasons as part of South Down National Park’s Voices from the South Downs programme designed to get you listening online or walking to find them on listening posts out across the 6km of Sussex coast that inspired them, from Seaford Head to Beachy Head, via Cuckmere Valley and the Seven Sisters . For a taster of our individual audio stories and poetry on film and a sense of the landscape that inspired it, watch this short film we made last year. Featuring Georgina Aboud, Jenny Arach, Razia Aziz, Joyoti Grech Cato, Oluwafemi Hughes, Dulani Kulasinghe, Georgina Parke, Akila Richards, Pauline Rutter, Sheila Auguste.

We See You Now and We Hear You Now were two projects that combined to create a Writer in Residency programme for Seven Sisters Country Park and the Sussex Heritage Coast, running from 2020 – 2023. Funded by Arts Council England and South Downs National Park Authority.