Portraits of Dreamers

Over the years I have loved sketching my children sleeping at night – a really peaceful, solitary but bonding activity – then presenting them to them in the morning. I like the idea that putting an image of a sleeper in their room at night promotes good sleep… I have also done waking portraits of friends and strangers over the years and enjoyed a different way of being present with people and a refreshing, intimate break from conceptual and mass, public engagement projects.

 I am currently offering small portraits in brush pen on paper,  dreaming asleep or dreaming awake! …If you would like to commission a portrait of a child, partner, lover or other friend or family member, you can commission me directly an A5/A4 portrait based on a photo sent directly to me (start at £100 /150 incl. Packing + Postage, unframed – but I can arrange framing at an extra cost). Higher prices for larger sizes and for in-person portraits.

Gift vouchers for portraits are also available on request for Christmas,  birthdays or for no reason at all…

Contact me at alinahazadehATgmail.com or via twitter @burningthebooks