Lore and Other Convergences (2006)

Lore 360feet

A collaborative performance by Janine Antoni binding diverging stories into a hand-made 200 foot long rope. I collaborated with 13 international artists under the guidance of New York artists Janine Antoni and Melissa Martin. The concept was to contribute materials from the archive of our lives to make rope and explore meaning through stories and artefacts. I contributed remants of cloth connected to my daughters birth and my mothers death a few weeks later. The rope was performed in the streets of London, UK and then in a gallery with audience members.

Lore and Other Convergences featured: Alinah Azadeh, Lisa Bradley, Helena Bryant, Amanda Couch, Christine de Leon, Raimi Gbadamosi, Rachel Kalpana James, Veronique Maria, Monica Miranda, Owen Parry, Patricia Scanlon, Shabnam Shabazi, Lorna Stewart, and Fiona Wright.

Produced by the Live Art Development Agency as part of Restock, Rethink, Reflect.

Panorama: http://www.z360.com/full/lore.htm

Photo Credit: Z360.COM.

Thanks to Rachel Kalpana James.

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