Burning The Books (touring)


A live , collaborative intervention making connections between the human constructs of debt, sin, absolution and payback. Originally part of Present in Public, a development programme for new gift-based public  interventions, curated by Tim Jeeves, throughout the city of Liverpool as a part of Giving in to Gift. The artist acted as a confessor-cum-scribe, listening to and writing down details of  personal debts anonymously gifted to her by the public on the streets of Liverpool –  whether financial, emotional  or metaphysical – into a large book. Contributors were then invited to witness the ceremonial  recital and burning of the book later on in the Bluecoat courtyard.

Burning The Books was on national tour 2013 – 2015 and developed into a series of residencies and collective recitals, hosted by Blank Studios,  Birmingham Cathedral, Fabrica Gallery, Jubilee Debt Campaign, Duckie, Future Dreaming, Asia Triennial Manchester at Imperial War Museum North and 198 contemporary Arts and Learning, Brixton. Touring supported by Arts Council England.

Ahalf hour film has been made, watch it here on vimeo.

Media: read an article with Alinah in the Guardian, radio interview on BBC Womans Hour and interview with Canadian CBC programme ‘Tapestry’ here on the project.

Visit the project site here for full details on activity and to contribute to the current Book of Debts, which will remain open until the time and context is right to return the ashes of all Books to the earth.

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