The Loom (2005)


2005: live data feed and projection, textile, (silk noil, organza, lurex), light, sound, pens, ribbons, Final textile dimensions: 2200cm x 400 cm.

Live artwork involving mass participation in the computer-mediated weaving of a textile. The project highlighted human relationships to loss by asking 300 participants to contribute written ’emotional data – dates, places, names of two loved ones – to the textile pattern itself. This was enabled over a 4 day period online, in the installation space at The Basement, Brighton and by weavers at ASF Weave, Arundel.

A collaboration between the artist, ASF, ( Lead Weaver: Frederique Denniel) and AI specialist/ data designer Jon Bird (University of Sussex). Sound by Juliet Russell, mixed by Leo Sedgley. Supported by Networked Bodies through New Work Network and Arts Council England. Textile development mentored by Ann Sutton.

2007: Textile and documentation of installation later exhibited at the Constance Howard Research and Resource Centre in Textiles, Goldsmiths University, London and launched as part of the Touch, Textiles, Technology:Collaboration across Europe’ Symposium,where a paper on the project was presented to 100 international delegates.

Supported by The CHRRCT, Goldsmiths University, London, UK, with Professor Janis Jefferies as creative mentor.

 Watch project video (08:27)

 Photo credit and courtesy Lilian Simonsson/ David Ramkalawon/CHRRCT

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