Space within the Real (2001)


Video, multi-channel sound, fabric roses, light, mirrors, poetry, textiles, scent, Persian food. Sited in the artist’s Brighton seafront flat, part of the Brighton Festival Fringe, UK.

The artist’s debut installation work, exploring connections between the domestic and the sublime, between public and private space.

Inspired by Gaston Bachelard’s ‘The Poetics of Space’, the work was created to answer the questions: How can my living room tell you what it sees through its windows? Who’s inside the cupboard under the stairs? What do the walls of my corridor sound like? If my garden could dream, what would it see and hear?

Supported by University of Westminster (MA Final Project, supervised by Stevie Bezencenet). Poetry by Fredrik Lloyd, Rumi and Hafiz. Sound by Leo Sedgley.

Watch project video (08:54)


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