Artist Statement

In my work and life I try to cross borders of both medium and culture – that is, to   embrace interdisciplinarity both in my practice and in the way it interfaces with society. Recent work has involved theatre practitioners, writers, strangers on the street, campaigners, clergy, craft and visual arts curators.

My work spans live, performative work, textile, sculptures, the digital and writing. It acts as a safe and intimate space for the exchange of human story and personal reflection, drawing on diverse forms of ritual, gift –giving and exchange. All of my work – whether a sculpture or a dialogue with a stranger – is rooted in the living and disclosure of experiences personal to me, which act as bridge into the work for others to take.

I make large-scale installations involving the public or specific groups in their materialization, such as The Gifts (2010 or  Chasing Mirrors: Portraits of The Unseen. I also make smaller sculptural works, such as those recently shown as part of Tall Tales Touring.

My work can also be more directly performative and lo-fi – with a digital dimension – such as Burning the Books (2011-15)  a touring public performance and participation project which shines a light on the foggy and often fearful concept of debt on the individual and society. Acting as confessor and scribe, I invited people to contribute – either online or in person – to an imaginary Book of Debts, which is then publicly recited and burned, one volume per location.

More recently, writing, both for print, online and audio works, has become increasingly a central part of my practice. I have just finished writing my first novel and am immersed in new work for an audio walks project.

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