We See You Now (R&D)

As well as current extensive work on turning my growing collection of written stories and performance texts into a full blown novel, ready to send out by the spring, with the regular and brilliant writer development support of New Writing South, in Brighton, I am developing a new piece of live, interactive work. Drawing on the book’s themes of sudden loss, migrant heritage and history, I am weaving this in with the contemplation of our shifting relationship to sea, air, land – and time – through climate change.

To enable me to develop this multi layered project I am ;

– Undertaking a Study Room residency at Live Art Development Agency, London looking at projects and practices related to the themes and ambitions of my work, creating a working model, identifying contexts for presentation, taking advice and finding future allies.

– Developing a new performance text influenced by my recent discovery of the speculative fiction writing genre, and initially inspired by Birling Gap, on the south east coast, where my mother landed in the UK in the 1960’s from Iran and where her ashes were scattered after she died, see image above.

– Exploring dramaturgy and voice work with this text, making some new visual work and presenting what I develop through initial sharing events at New Writing South, Birkbeck Centre for Contemporary Theatre in March and May.

– Running  a creative retreat in early May for 12 writers and artists of  BAME+ background near Birling Gap, East Sussex (featured above) produced by Writing Our Legacy  and also hosted by New Writing South, with additional support from Creative Future. This is a pilot with a view to developing more later, in tandem with the live work.

– I will also be resident artist at Metal, Southend in June where I will be writing, editing, recording, scratch performing and inviting artists and those in the vicinity with whom my themes resonate to take part in this experimental phase project.

We See You Now (R&D) is funded by a project grant from Arts Council England, with extensive support from New Writing South, an AN Bursary from the Artist’s Information Company, Live Art Development Agency,  Metal,  Birkbeck Centre for Contemporary Theatre,Writing Our Legacy  and Creative Future. Mentoring and support from Sharon Duggal (New Writing South), Louise Blackwell (Cross-art form producer), Lucy Day (Curator),Joanna Rosenfeld (dramaturgy) and print studio support from Sue Haseltine.

Acknowledgement too to the significance of  The Literary Agency’s Free Read bursary, which I was awarded through New Writing South in 2017, without which this project – and my book – would never have happened.